Developing Sales Professionals
We develop capability and confidence in sales teams so that your customer plans are executed effectively.

Our Programmes

All designed with your sales team and applicable for all selling contexts.

Our skills solutions

  1. Selling and Influencing
  2. Negotiation For Value (core)
  3. Building Commercial Acumen
  4. Making Powerful Presentations
  5. Key Account / Regional Planning
  6. Strategic Negotiation (advanced)
  7. Developing Sales Managers
  8. Sales Leader Coaching

How we deliver

All assignments are tailored to suit your needs whether that be a modular, remote or classroom approach.

We use Insights Discovery to build individual and team effectiveness.

Who we are

For 25 years we led sales teams for major consumer brand businesses.

In 2012, we set up KAMBridge specialising in sales & key account management skills.

We work with leading consumer brands and a diverse range of clients across multiple business sectors.

We are fully committed to our clients’ success. Our interactions are fun & engaging for teams and we tailor material to specific needs. Typically our clients become long-term collaborators & friends.

The intervention from KAMBridge helped deliver significant value in our price increase – value we held onto rather than trading back as before Sales Director, Drinks